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10 Options for Cremated Remains

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Many options exist today for what can be done with cremated remains (ashes). In addition to an urn placement or burial as part of a permanent placement, a wide range of choices are available for memorializing a loved one. Here are 10 of those choices.

    1. Why not remember your loved one with a little bling? With customized cremation jewelry, you can keep your loved one’s ashes near everywhere you go. This unique jewelry is available in an assortment of styles, from small lockets and containers to glass cremation beads and crystals.

    2. Was your loved one a star gazing space enthusiast? Honor him with a service that’s literally out of this world. Through a company called Celestis, Inc., you can launch a portion of your loved one’s cremated remains into Earth’s orbit, onto the lunar surface or into deep space. Now that’s a stellar tribute!

    3. Even if you choose cremation, this doesn’t rule out burial. Some families opt to bury their loved one’s cremains in a cemetery so they’ll have a place to visit for generations to come.

    4. If your loved one was an ocean lover, a cremation reef memorial is the perfect tribute. With this unique undersea option, cremains are placed on an environmentally friendly cremation reef, which helps restore underwater habitats.

    5. Granite memorial benches are a beautiful and enduring option for cremated remains. Your loved one’s cremated remains are placed in a bench, which can be customized with etchings of their name, dates of birth and death and even a photo. You can place the bench in your backyard garden, next to your love one’s favorite lake or another special place.

    6. Many cemeteries now offer special cremation sections, often referred to as “cremation gardens.” In these beautiful and tranquil gardens, you may choose to place your loved one’s cremated remains in a columbarium, individual memorial, family estates, niches or other peaceful locations.

    7. If your loved one was a beach enthusiast, a sandy seaside scattering might be the perfect option. One creative yet simple way families can scatter their loved one’s ashes near the coast is simply called “beaching.” This term describes the slow release of ashes into the ocean by sprinkling the cremains into channels next to the water’s edge.

    8. If your loved one was a real gem, why not create a diamond in his memory? A company called LifeGem® creates certified, high-quality diamonds from a lock of hair or a small portion of cremated remains.

    9. Was your loved one an art enthusiast? You may consider turning her cremains into a one-of-a-kind work of art. Cremation art providers can create paintings, photographs, glass art or sculptures that incorporate a small portion of your loved one’s cremated remains.

    10. Was your loved one an environmentalist? A memorial tree is a beautiful cremation option for nature lovers. One company called Memorial Tree Urn offers 16 tree choices to grow as a living keepsake. Simply insert a portion of your loved one’s cremains into the tree urn and then plant in your backyard or another special place.


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