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Plan my memorial NOW? Can't I just wait until later?



Reason #1: I don't care what happens to me when I die.
While that may be true, it's not fair to leave your family with all of the decisions during a hard time. Taking a few minutes to get things in writing can save your family unnecessary hardship. When there is a death, reason and logic are hard to come by due to grief. Decisions need to be made about what type of sesrvice you watn AND how to handle your money and estate. Do you want to be cremated? How much of your estate should be spent on your memorial? Who will be your pallbearers? These are questions only you can answer.

Reason #2: I don't want to think about my death.
Who does? Much like making a will, preplanning is another great way to safeguard those you love and provide security for your family. You make all the decisions in advance so in the event you pass, things run smoothly and your loved ones can focus on celebrating your life and grieving as they should. That's something to think about.

Reason #3: My family will handle it. They know my wishes.
Maybe you have mentioned in passing that you'd like to be cremated or where you want your memorial, but most families when they come to us without a plan feel overwhelmed and confused, trying to remember their loved one's wishes among a surge of grief. Sometimes this even causes turmoil and family disagreements during this painful time. It is much more considerate and economical to make your own arrangements in advance. It just makes sense.


Reason #4: I'm too busy.
We all are an no one wants to take their spare time to plan a memorial that they don't foresee having anytime soon, but no family has ever regretted that their loved one made pre-arrangements. In fact, it is a gift you give your family in their time of need. Take a few minutes out of your day today to give a gift of love.


Reason #5: I don't have the money right now.
Unlike a service purchased at the time of death, pre-arrangement allows you to choose from a variety of payment options as well as lock in today's prices, safeguarding your family from inflation. It removes the financial burden from your loved ones. We can help you make a payment plan that is right for you. You can't afford NOT to plan ahead.


Reason #6: Insurance will take care of it.
No insurance policy dictates where to have a memorial or how much to spend on it. It simply provides the finances. Without a plan, money intended for a child's education or a widow's income could be spent on memorial services. Simply having your wishes on file with us can prevent emotional turmoil for your family. Don't assume your insurance will handle it; it will just end up burdening the ones you love the most.


Reason #7: I'm going to be cremated anyway.
You may have stated your desire to be cremated in your will. The problem is, many times, a will isn't read until long after the memorial takes place. Then, it's too late for your wishes to be carried out. And, your will probably doesn't state whether you'd like a service or where you want your ashes to be scattered.


Reason #8: I don't know where to have my memorial since this isn't my hometown.
Perhaps you grew up in another town and still consider that "home" or you are thinking of moving in the near future and are uncertain where you will have your memorial. Many plans today are transferable. You can make all of the decisions about the details of your memorial arrangements and take that plan with you if you move. Either way, getting your wishes in writing is wise no matter where you live.


Reason #9: The government will take care of me since I am a veteran.
If you are on active military duty at the time of your death, all of your memorial expenses will be covered by the government. However, if you are NOT active, you will receive minor compensation toward your memorial only IF you die in a VA hospital or have VA pension. Not to mention, claim processing takes time and that doesn't mean the details and decisions will be made. Your family will still have to make arrangements during an emotional time.


Reason #10: I don't know where to start.
That's easy! 
You can use our Pre-Planning Form to begin creating your personalized arrangements. You can also contact us to schedule a time to meet with a member of our staff to discuss your options and design your plan in person.


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